About Me

Hi and welcome to Pots and Dishes.

My name is Shevon and  I started this blog in 2009 to document my passions in both culinary and ceramic art.  For me pottery and food go hand in hand.    When I'm in the ceramic studio sketching a new pot   I'm focused on food. What is this pot going to be used for? Will my pottery design over power the food that will be served in it.  The same goes when I'm in the kitchen.  I'm thinking of food presentation and of course taste.  I feel being a foodie has made me a better potter.  Join me on my journey to make the best pots and dishes!

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Three Ingredients I always have on hand in my cupboard? 
Palm sugar, Vanilla extract and Tomato paste.

What my latest food discovery?
Quince preserves

What is my least favorite veggie?
How long has pottery been a passion of mine?
About 12 years, I took my first art class which happened to be ceramics my senior year of high school.  I then went on to earn my B.F.A. in Sculpture in 2002

What is your favorite thing to make? Pot? Plates? Bowls or something else?

It changes; right now I’m into making mugs.   I enjoy throwing on the potter’s wheel.  Ceramics is process oriented; there are so many steps that contribute to the end product and each step is as important as the first. I have times where I have worked on several pots for weeks just to have the final kiln firing to be a disaster. What do I consider a disaster? There are a lot of things that could go wrong.  For example the glaze could run too much or crawl away on the pots surface.     My glazing style is sort of painterly.  I love blending and layering glazes.  One pot could have as much as 6 different glazes.

You have lovely photographs who does them for you? or do you shoot them?

 I take my own pictures I try to use daylight whenever I can.

"All images on this site was photographed by myself unless otherwise stated.  My photography is copyrighted and belongs to me.  For the most part I don't mind if my photos are republished on another website or blog as long as photo credit is given  to me with a link back to the recipe the photo was taken.   I reserve the right to request that a photo of mine be removed from another site for any reason."

Where can I see more of your ceramic work?
I have a website www.shevongantceramics.com and an Etsy Shop www.shevongantceramics.etsy.com


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