Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow your heart Vegan Cheese

I was so excited to try the Follow your heart Monterey Jack non dairy cheese alternative. I heard about it in one of my cooking classes but never thought about it enough to try it until PurpleZoe fellow Shae member suggested it. I have tried other non-dairy cheeses made with rice and soymilk but wasn't that happy with it. That was a while back since I tried, so I hope that there would be some new better alternative.

Ok so what did I think?

Texture: When I first pick up the cheez in the store. I was like oh boy it's feels so rubbery and gel like which makes sense because made with agar agar a sea veggie. (I use it instead of gelatin). So the texture is a little strange! But like I told myself this product is cheez not cheese.

Taste: It taste good. I ate a piece straight out the package and gave some to my sis and we both agree it taste good. But when I cooked it, now I can really see why PurpleZoe took the time to recommended it. It was the best alternative cheez I have tasted. It took longer to melt than regular cheese, but it did melt all the way through and I diced them up pretty large. I don't think this cheese can shred but I haven't tried.

For this mac in cheese I use brown rice pasta, plain unsweetened soymilk mix with sea salt, nutritional yeast flakes for color and added flavor. (I have been using it as a cheese substitute on pop corn and it very good so I said hey it couldn't hurt!) a touch of arrowroot starch to thicken it a bit, and last but not least some earth balance butter on top. Sorry I didn't measure anything or I would have include a recipe but just know that I added the brown rice pasta and cheez to baking dish first then I mixed and poured my other ingredients on top about half way full

I added this pic so you can kind of see the texture!

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