Saturday, October 24, 2009

I got my new computer chair today from staples. So far so good I was looking for a chair that would give me good back support since I'm on the computer so much updating my website and etsy shop reading numerous blog and forum post etc etc... It's a lot and my old chair was just really hard and not that comfortable. I ordered a hon task chair brand (which I like the company's file cabinets) first and that didn't work out well It was nice but way to big and a bit awkward just was not right for me, so I returned that one and then I saw this new one on sale which I had sat in and tested out prior in the store. I believe I made a good decision I had 14 days to decide. I like to buy quality items I hope will last so I don't have to keep spending money. I'm curious because the computer has become a central part of our lives and we all spend so much time on it what are people doing out there to prevent muscle strain bad posture and other stress that long hours on the computer can cause and can this really be prevented. Please comment and share your thoughts, concerns and tips.

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