Friday, January 15, 2010

American Stories: Special exhibition at the MET Museum.

American Stories is a special exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This exhibition features more than 100 American painters whose work depicts ordinary people engaged in everyday life situations during the time of 1765 through 1915. This exhibition is on view until January 24, 2010.

There's so much to see, but if I had to pick five painters and paintings that stood out to me the most. It would be as follows: Eastman Johnson's "Negro Life In The South", Winslow Homer's "Dressing For Carnival", Lilly Martin Spencer's "Kiss Me You Kiss The 'Lasses", Theodor Kaufman's "On To liberty" and William Merritt Chase "Idle hours". The color, details, brush strokes and skin tone in these paintings are extraordinary.

Many artists in this exhibition took on topics such as the relationships between blacks and whites, men and women, immigrants and native workers. I would say this a must see if your in the NYC area.

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