Thursday, April 29, 2010

Handmade Wheel Thrown Plates

I had a pretty good day at the studio. I spent most of my time trimming plates. Making and trimming plates can be tricking because you got to make sure the thickness of the bottom and side of the plate is the same for the most part. The plate should not be heavy at all and it should have a nice size foot ring for stability. For those of you who are not familiar with this process. Here's a brief summary:

Trimming or turning a pot is the second step after forming the desired pot. Once the pot has been dried for a little while it must be trimmed. In this step you are cutting off the excess clay from the bottom and sides and smoothing the sides of any rough areas or uneven areas. This is also where you can very the bottom from a flat bottom to an indented bottom. For this step, the pot must be centered by using your finger or by using a straight tool. Place the pot in the center as best you can and Slowly turn the wheel, when ever the the tool hits the pot, it needs to be moved up the wheel a little bit. Once the pot is centered then place three pieces of extra clay around the pot to hold it in place. Use the trimming tool to go around the pot and gently take off the excess clay. Once the pot is the shape you want it, then it is time to be fired.

I promised myself I would go to bed early. If I get to bed before midnight I guess that early.

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