Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food In Art

I love the summer because of all the wonderful selections of fresh food.  I picked up lots of fruits and veggies (mainly fruits from my local organic health food store). I came home and had to make a fruit arrangement.   I get so inspired by the color and shapes.  It made me think of painters like Cezanne and Paul Gaugin who studied and painted nature's food bounty.   I have been laying off the sweets including consuming less agave syrup.  I'm eating more fruits to help me, and it's working.   Here's  some inspiration.



  1. Lovely arrangement. I also enjoy finding the beauty in the things overlooked - much like this bowl of fruit. This is one of the reasons I enjoy photography because you can capture moments like this, enjoy the art for what it is, or use it to inspire you to create something else. So when I look at your piece, not only do I think of the fruit arrangement but of all the pretty colors to work well together. Humm.... :-D

  2. cool, I agree with you 100%. I love being able to capture and document life and to me life is art.



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