Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peruvian food

  • Qunioa stew- This savory dish is creamy and buttery tasting. It reminds me of grits or rosotto. I never had quinoa prepared that way, but I loved it.
  • Purple corn drink (Chicha de jora) This drink taste similar to sorrel. It's flavored with cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice, dried orange peel or leaves. This one taste good out the bottle. I can imagine what it's taste like homemade.
  • Fried green plantains (Toastones) I don't have to say anything about this. The picture speaks for itself. It just good!
I love and have a strong interest in South American food because the dishes represent a variety of influences. From indigenous people to spanish and portuguese, african slaves and more.


  1. Ok, I am in love with Peruvian food. I have met new friends from Peru and they are spoiling me really good. Chicha morada is a really good drink. I have purchased my purple corn and will attempt to make it this summer. I recently purchased a wooden tostonera to press the plantains so that I can make tostones.

    Here are some of my other favorites (not sure if you eat meat or not so you may have to modify some of them): papa a la huancaína (can't really translate but it's a potato dish), lomo saltado (sauteed sirloin dish), ají de gallina, sopa de trigos (wheat soup), and papas rellenos (stuffed potatoes).


  2. Yum, those dishes sound so good. My mouth is watering!



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