Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gluten Free Pasta and Spinach Casserole!

I made this casserole using quinoa and brown rice pasta.  I like mixing the two pasta's together for color and texture. I also made my own bread crumbs from stale gluten free brown bread I made.  After I Processed it in my food processor. I then spread it on a baking sheet  and toasted it in the oven.  It came out so good.  That was such a good way to use up my left over bread.  I'm storing the rest of my bread crumbs in the freezer for later use.   I was taught never to waste food!  I could make a peach brown betty with the rest of those bread crumbs maybe for dessert next week!



  1. You're quite the chef! This dish looks good, especially that last pic.

    Your recipe choices always look so tasty and healthy. I'm trying to change up my eating style, have lots of cookbooks/websites, but don't know how to really begin. I usually do better in the summer and plan to the T, but once I go back to work in the fall, everything gets chaotic - including my eating choices. Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks Libby,
    Well, I can totally relate and understand. The main thing is to bring the healthy food with you everywhere you go. Keep a fruit or some sort of health food bar in your bag or car, just in case you get hungry and are stuck in a place where there's no good food options. 

I make all my meals for the week on Sunday after church. I do my shopping for food midweek after work and then if I still need more stuff I hit the farmers market Saturday morning. In the summer and spring it's easy to eat healthy. There's so much fresh food around, which I take full advantage of. In the fall and winter I eat root veggies, make stews and soup. I do a lot of baking. For example I'll roast a whole chicken and make a pot of rice or millet or quinoa then I'll make 2 veggie side dishes. I'll also bake some potatoes or plantains since I have the oven going. I buy lots of apples, carrots, nuts, chips, popcorn etc.. for snacks. I bring my own lunch and snacks to work. I try to keep my kitchen cupboard and freezer stocked with healthy prepared food items for when I'm too hungry to cook or have no time too!

  3. Thanks, Shevon for your tips! I really think you're on to something especially with stocking your kitchen with the right things, and with variety so you can make a lot of different foods. Now that I've gotten my kitchen/refrigerator/pantry/freezer (lol) down to the basics, I think that I'll have to take some time and do some planning so that when I visit the ethnic stores I love, I can purchase foods that will give me more options. I think I'll start exploring some well-balanced vegetarian dishes, only because I don't believe you have to eat meat all day, every day. Time to pull out those cookbooks! LOL

  4. well said, I totally agree with you!



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