Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I want to eat here!

I'm adding braai to my list of restaurants I want to try.  Their desserts menu looks really good!  I would order the Malva Pudding or the koeksister.  I got to make time to go there soon.  What would you get?


  1. Let's see since I'm dreaming I'll have:
    - the soup of the day
    - the African Road Runner (maybe minus the ostrich) or the Seafood Casserole
    - and for dessert, the Koeksisters

    Those Briyani (rice pilaf dishes) sound really wonderful too though. I wonder if they deliver all the way to NC. LOL

    I love ethnic foods and checking out new spices and how they're used. See, now you've made me hungry.

  2. That funny! I make myself hungry all the time! What you choose sounds good.



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