Monday, August 30, 2010

Raspberry and Champagne Grape Sugar Free Sauce/Filling

I remember the first time I tasted champagne grapes.  I was pleasantly surprised how good they were.  Ever since that day I dreamed about getting a whole bunch of grapes and putting them in a barrel and stomping them with my bare feet.   Well even though that sounds like so much fun.  I know nobody would want to consume any of my foot stomped grape juice.  I used a colander and my fist to squeeze the cramp out of two packages of champagne grapes.   I bought them from Trader Joe's at about two dollars each pack.  The juice came out green.  In my excitement I forgot to measure out how much juice the 2 packages of grapes yielded.  I added the juice to a pot, cooked the juice on low heat till it reduced more than half in size. The plan was to make a grape juice concentrate to sweeten the sauce/filling.  I added the fresh raspberries,  cooked them a few minutes till lightly broken down and I thicken this sauce/filling with arrowroot starch.

Eat good!

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