Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teeny Tiny Potatoes: Part 2

These potatoes was so good. They cooked really quick and had a rich taste like a yukon gold  but even more flavorful.  I want to say light buttery flavor and the texture reminded me slightly of a boiled peanut.    I tossed potatoes and garlic in olive oil then seasoned with sea salt and black pepper next I roasted them and garnished with chives, so simple but so good!   


  1. Oh they do look so yummy! Those chives are just the perfect burst of color and flavor I'm sure.

  2. Small potatoes are PERFECT in a salad.....with onions/oniony flavours cutting through

  3. oh yes I love chives with potatoes. yeah I was thinking about making a potato salad that would be so excellent!



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