Monday, September 6, 2010

Caribbean Inspired Fruit Dessert!

Happy Labor Day !!!  Today is also the West Indian American Day Carnival in my home town of Brooklyn, New York.  This is one of the largest cultural events in New York City.  People travel from all over the world to experience the festivities.   One of the special attractions is the food!

Caribbean cuisine is rich with flavor and history.  The Caribbean is a  region consisting of the Caribbean sea, its islands and surrounding coasts.  Each island offers a special style and flavor that is distinctly their own.   My mom is from Grenada and I have such great memories of visiting there as a child.  I love all the fresh food that was available everywhere and I mean everywhere.  I could live off of mangos, guavas, avocados and these mini bananas called figs.  I'm lucky that these cute little bananas are available in my neighborhood.  I buy them on occasions and eat it plain but I decided that I wanted to jazz them up! Here's what I came up with.   

Caramel Covered Mini Bananas with Toasted Coconut  

I used these ingredients
  • Mini-Bananas 
  • Toasted Shredded Coconut
  • Palm sugar 
  • Water
  • Butter
Theses mini bananas are super sweet and taste like a concentrated vision of the regular size ones.   I made caramel using palm sugar, a little water and a small amount of Earth Balance butter.  I placed the peeled bananas in the syrup.   Cooked bananas until slightly soft and well coated. Rolled the bananas in the toasted coconut.    
Simple and good!  



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