Sunday, December 5, 2010

Handmade Holiday Shopping!

I had a nice time at Shop n' Mingle yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came out to shop!  I also did some shopping myself.    I meet so many talented artists and designers who are such really nice people.   I love bringing home and wearing some of their work.  I got a super sweet waist bead by Sewra  but I'm going to wear it as a necklace.  Her packaging is so nice and the quality of her products are excellent.     I also got a really nice hat from Konjo Crochet.  I've  been bugging her about getting an etsy shop and I hope she will do it soon so I can post a link.  I'll see if I have time to post a short video so you can see their stuff.  I still have to edit the Black Farmers Conference video footage.   Next weekend is my ceramic studio group sale so I got to prepare for that too.   This is a busy season for me but I want to also take time to enjoy the Christmas season.  This is a wonderful time of year and I like to reflect on 2010 and plan for 2011.          

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