Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Spice Bowls Set

I just put this set in my etsy shop.  I like little bowl like these to use when I'm cooking or baking.  It's helpful when you have a recipe with a lot of spices or herbs.   I like measure and set up all my ingredients in the beginning before I start cooking.  I learned that from taking culinary classes.  It's really important so that you don't skip over something and you check to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients.

I will be making more bowls sets this size.  This particular set is a second which means that it has a flaw. These bowls all have a small crack on the bottom.  This is a small flaw and does not effect the use at all or the life of the bowl.   All seconds in my shop are offered at a really low price because it's flawed.   It's similar to buying day old bread in the market.  The bread is still very good but cheaper. 

I throw these little bowls off a big hump of clay.  When throwing off the hump the chances of the bottom cracking is greater  but it's more efficient as far as time to make small bowls this way.   I have to work harder on compressing the bottom of each bowl more to try to avoid these annoying cracks.  Luckily not all that I made cracked I already sold the two that didn't.   

I  had a lot of fun with the photography.   I enjoy documenting my pottery and finding creative ways to show my audience how I would use them, which I hope would inspire them use them as well.


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  1. What fabulous, little bowls, and with the amount of cooking that I do, those would really come in handy! Beautiful work!



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