Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Veggie Snacks: Corn Nuts

You guys already know that I like to snack.    I want my snacks to be healthy or at least not totally filled with junk.   I always bring some sort of natural snack food with me when I'm on the go.   Corn nuts can be fried or roasted so make sure to look for roasted corn nuts  for a lower fat option.   My local health food store sells it in the bulk section.  Planters which is owned by kraft also sell corn nuts.  You can find it in stores like Walgreens.  I like corn nuts because it's very crunchy and it's made with just corn, oil and salt. 
My concern with eating corn nuts is the sodium which can be very high.  Corn is one of those crops we should be eating only organic and most corn nuts I seen are not labeled as such.   I found this organic corn  snack product at the vitamin shop I would like to try here.   There are also recipes on how to make corn nuts at home.  I haven't tried to make corn nuts before, but I would like too.  This recipe for Honey Corn Nuts looks great.   For info on why eating organic corn is important check out the food film King Corn.     

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  1. Good point, we never eat corn unless it's organic, bad GMOs. ;) I don't often find recipes that we can eat, these look tasty, I'll have to take a closer look. Thanks!



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