Monday, July 11, 2011

Props: Other Art Projects

Every now and then, (especially in the summer) I work on a project for my mom's church.   
This time she ask me to make a post office box and a fire hydrant for their children's vacation bible school. The theme has to do with neighborhoods.  I forgot to take a picture of the fire hydrant  before giving it in.  I made them both out of paper machie.   Paper machie is great because you can make very large sculptures using recycled  material which is cheap and light weight.

I  had pretty much a week to complete this project so I had to work super fast to make them both.   There was no time for blogging last week  but now I have a lot to share.  Mostly food stuff!  I'm really into making Indian inspired food and bread.    I'm  kind of taking my time with my ceramics and just enjoying working and experimenting so that's why I haven't posted about my ceramic work or updated my etsy shop.   I should have pics of new ceramic work soon. 

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