Monday, August 27, 2012

Vegetable Lo Mein

I seem to be eating a lot of stir fry and asian inspired dishes lately.  Probably because I don't have that much time to cook and stir fries are fast.  I used Yakisoba stir fry nooddles,  red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, onions, shoyu sauce and sesame oil.  Fast and easy lunch or dinner.   What your go to dish when pressed for time?  I could use some new ideas!


  1. This sounds yummy. I have to try it. Is there anyway you can post the recipe? Now that school has started for my kids I'm looking for healthy 30 minute meals.

  2. Hey Robyn,
    Sure, but there is no recipe. The trick is to buy the noodles that you don't have to boil. Then I chop up veggies then add a little oil to a pan. Add veggies to hot pan first then add noodles and soy sauce. Yum! The great thing about the lo mein is that you can use pretty much whatever veggies you have off hand even frozen. They sell frozen bags of stir fry veggies which I like to use also when I need to cook fast.



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