Monday, February 15, 2010

I have such great memories of making chocolate marble cake with my mom as a kid. I thought is was so cool separating the batter and mixing in cocoa powder. I can still remember gently dropping spoonfuls of chocolate batter in the cake pan. Then with a knife swirling in the chocolate drops just until it looks like a heavenly chocolate wind in the vanilla sky. Similar to Vincent Van Gogh's painting Starry Night.
Well I made this one for my dad. My original idea was to make a vanilla and pistachio cake with a light green icing and chopped nuts around the sides. The store was all out of unsalted pistachio nuts so I went for the hazelnuts and then pick up a jar Nutella spread and I was set. It came out good. I really like the roasted hazelnuts on the side. The filling was a whipped Nutella frosting and the top was plain vanilla frosting and the sides I use Nutella straight out of the jar to hold up those coarsely chopped hazelnuts nuts. My dad was happy with it and that what counts. I had to hold myself back from going back for thirds.

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