Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. It's really a blessing to be able to give and receive love. I got this wonderful box full of organic and vegan chocolate treats. Yum, I already a had a sample of each one. I love the chocolate covered apricots, ginger and mango. The big round ones are chocolate covered Oreo style cookie with a mint flavored filling. The Pretzel was good too! very heavy on the chocolate. I'm truly in hog heaven. I had dinner at Awash Ethiopian Restaurant The food was great. We shared a chicken and lamb combination platter with collard greens, red lentils and carrots/beets and some other veggies on the side.
(I forgot to take my camera to show you guys the food. Next time I promise I wouldn't forget, but go there for yourself. It's a very nice place!)

I also just wanted to quickly share what we went over in church today. My Pastor talked about the importance of having a structured life. Without structure, we will continue to change our jobs, relationships, appearance etc.. In hopes that we will feel better in our lives, but what we are really missing is structure. How to get a structured life.

Having a Clearly Articulated World View.
(I'm still not sure what is meant by this one.)

Having a set of Core Values.
(What's important to you? What are you willing to give your life for? Where do you spend you money and time?)

Having a set of Core Purposes.
(Why are you here? What are you created to do? What are your gifts and talents? passions etc..)

I share this because I know that there are so many people struggling right now with money,job, career, relationships etc... and thinking and writing this stuff down gives focus. Focus is a powerful force. It's like writing a business plan for your life. For those of you who have written a business before know that it's never really finished. It has to be reviewed and reworked. The more you map things out on paper and clearly define your vision the more you will achieve your goals. My Perfect Example: When I go to the supermarket I have to know what I want to cook and write a list of ingredients before I go, because I will end up buying all types of stuff on sale and not on sale. I'll spend a lot of time and money and still come home with nothing to eat. Has anybody been there?
I got a message today and I want a structured life.

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