Monday, March 29, 2010

Babycakes vegan & mostly gluten-free cookbook review

I just want to say I waited a long time to get this book from the library. I really wanted to check it out first, to see if it was purchase worthy. I've been to the NYC bakery several times I've had their agave sweetened gluten free vanilla, chocolate and carrot cupcake. I have never been lucky to go there when they have the red velvet gluten free cupcakes in stock.  I also have tried a couple of loaves too. Over all I like their stuff, but it's a little to pricey for my taste. Pretty much four bucks for a gluten free cupcake. The cupcakes do make nice gifts, if you ask you can get it in their cute little signature box.

The cookbook is load with wonderful colorful photos it make you want to bake. I love when a cookbook has great images is so disappointing when a book only has a small insert of images in the middle of the book. I feel like there's a lot of recipes and a nice variety, but with that said. Most of the recipes require Bob's Red Mill Gluten- Free All Purpose Baking Flour. That really sucks because if you don't have that flour on hand you can't make the recipes. I not a fan of Gluten -Free baking mixes I understand that it's easier I guess.   I like to know what in my food and what amounts. I guess since I'm a baker, I really like to be in more control and have a option to be more creative when baking.  Having recipes that use mainly baking mix from one company is limiting.  I'm not going to purchase this cookbook, but I do plan to try the frosting recipes before I have to give the book back to the library.

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