Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Women's Daily Supplement

I  have not been taking any vitamins since I used up all my nature code  supplement  I ordered from QVC.   I really like them. I felt that I had more energy but my body just got use to them. 
The vitamins comes in little individual packet. The box thats last about  3 months.  I  like that it has high amounts of all the important stuff including biotin, selenium, lycopene, coenzyme Q 10, and red raspberry leaf.  Now I'm taking a break to try something new  I decided to try New Chapter Organics Every woman's one Daily.  The supplement percentages are a low compared to the nature code but I'll give it a shot. rates vitamins but you have to become a member to see results, but it recommends sites to purchase vitamins from.  Purtin Pride is one of the recommend sites which I have heard good thing about their products. One that they are very affordable/ low priced and the quality is excellent.  I will give Puritan Pride a try too.   Do you have a favorite brand of  vitamin supplements.  Share in the  comments  what supplements working for you ! 


  1. Nice blog. I always maintain a proper diet. Which includes a diet where I consume to get the requirement vitamin supplement to the body. Sometimes the selection of food, lifestyle and health supplements are quite painful on the budget when not properly assessed and executed.

  2. Thanks John, I totally agree with you on that!



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