Saturday, March 27, 2010

New goodies for my kitchen!

I had a blast watching Neneh Cherry and her friend Andi cooking show on y-tube last night. I think they are such a wonderful pair in the kitchen. I also woke up thinking about bissop (sorrel) dessert they made. I was thinking about trying it out in a cake as a glaze or in the batter like red velvet cake. I don't know, just an idea. Today I made coconut rice with black eye peas I had it with a cornmeal crusted whiting. I really love the rice, I made the coconut milk by blending the shredded dried coconut with hot water, just like they did. I like it better than the can for this dish because it is very lite and I feel like it's less fat. I keep my shredded coconut in the freezer.
I use it mainly for topping on cakes cookies. yum!

I went to grand central market to pick up some spices from Penzeys. I got some lemon and almond extract plus a jar of poultry spice and cajun seasoning. There so much I want
I have to hold myself back. I'm trying to stick to my budget. I did use my coupons which helped a lot.

New glass storage containers! I love these and a friend of mine hooked me up with more . This kit is awesome. It came with some cute square ones that I can bring my lunch to work in.

Happy living

"Preparing food, then serving it really turns me on." Esther Phillips Jet, January, 1976

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