Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Menu.

I love spring food, which to me means salads, relish's, fruit compote and grilled things. I usually prepare most of my meals for the week on Sunday. I don't have time to really cook during the week. I buy things that I could just put together in addition to what I prepare on Sunday, during the week for breakfast I usually prepare eggs and oatmeal, fruit and yogurt or make a super quick smoothie. Time is short in the morning. I'm working on going to bed early so I can get up earlier.

This week's menu
Quinoa Black Eye peas salad
Carrot Apple cabbage slaw
Mango Salad

I have to make this post snappy, but if you have any questions  or comment on these dishes I'll be happy chat about that with you guys leave a comment.

Have a great day everyone! I am listening  to one of my favorite songs right now off BeBe and CeCe Winans new album, Change My World. Check it out!. Got to run!

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