Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life as a foodie!

I love grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and reading cooking magazines at Barnes and Nobles.  I could spend the whole day there, really I could!  I 'm glad where I live their just a block away from each other.  I got some of my favorite food items from Trader Joe's which I will try to do a post on later this week.  I also got some great culinary ideas too!  I want to make a fruit galette and a nectarine brown betty.  I have some left over bread a could use to make the brown betty so I'll probably make that first.  The organic nectarines a have been getting this season have been so good!  That dessert is going to be great.   What is a Brown Betty it's similar to a cobbler or a bread pudding.  I think it dates back to colonial times.  It's usually made with apples.       

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