Saturday, August 7, 2010

Make a Brown Betty dessert using left over bread!

A Brown Betty is an American dessert made from fresh fruit, usually apple and sweetened bread crumbs.  Cake crumbs can be used too! ( that sounds sooooo good)  This dessert is thought to date back to colonial times.   I used 3 different types of left over bread ends that I  had in the freezer.  I used this recipe as a guide.  I didn't really follow it because I was really short on the quantity of the ingredients, but I wanted to make it anyway.   I mainly just followed the ratio of the ingredients.  Overall it came out pretty good.   Mine came out similar in look to a cobber because of the crumb topping but it tasted like a bread pudding.   I think even following a bread pudding recipe and then adding the crumbs on top might be worth looking into.  I have only made a bread pudding once with my mom and she didn't follow any recipe.  I just remember really liking how pump and tasty the raisins she added got after it was baked and soaked up all that flavor of the spices she added.   I 'm not done with this Brown Betty dessert  recipe yet.  I will try different types of bread next time but I was glad not to waste any of those left over bread ends from my freezer.   Also check out this Brown Betty recipe from Baking Bites this is a great resource for ideas if you plan to make one. 

If you do make one let me know.  I would love hear about it and swap recipes.


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