Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I won this

cookbook "Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food" at the Maker Faire on Saturday.  I spoke up out of the crowd and gave the correct answer to a baking question.  I knew what temp. butter melts.   I was just studying one of my favorite resource books Understanding Baking 2 days prior.  I was in shock when he handed me his 400 page book and signed it at the very end of his presentation on cooking time and temperature.   With that said I had a blast at the Maker Faire.

There was so much going on at the same time lectures, demos, lesson, rides and vendors.  It was great!! It was hard to choose what to do next.  I did have time to try to learn soldering and refresh my knitting skills.  I went to a couple of lectures  and came home totally inspired and blow away by 3d printers, foldable full color computer touch screens, and Arduino!

oh I didn't forget I promised you pictures! Well after taking the special weekend shuttle bus to my train that went local all the way to 42 st.  A thought came  "Shevon did you bring your camera?"  Did I?? I said to myself  quickly searching my bag.  I remember charging the batteries and deleting pics from my 4 GB card. to make room on the card for this ticket event.  Where is it! Then it came to me.  You remember that book you went back to take so that you would have something to read on the train . You took the camera out to make space for it  and didn't put it back in.  The camera is on the couch where you left it dummy!  I could have kick my own self right there in that train station.  There was no going back I came too far.   I was calling myself all sorts of names up until my sister look at me said there's nothing you can do.  It happens, you got to choose to make the best of what you got.   You may not even need your camera and plus you can go to flickr to look at other people photos.  She was right I really didn't even miss my camera.  I was so busy learning and listening.   These life lessons are great.

Life is good


  1. Sounds like you had a very eventful time. Kudos on winning the book!!!



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