Friday, December 31, 2010

Healthy Food Resolutions for 2011!

Ah, A New Year is almost here and for most people it's a time of reflection and setting goals.  Let's create some achievable goals that will make us happy healthy foodies in the coming year.   Here's my list
  1. Drink more water.  
  2. Eat omega rich foods twice a week.  
  3. Eat more dark leafy greens. 
  4. Eat more whole grains.
  5. Use up what I have in my cupboard
  6. Plan meals and go to the supermarket  once every two weeks with a menu and shopping list 
  7. Take really good care of my teeth and chew food really well! 
  8. Eat more fiber.
  9. Go on a food trip.
  10. Limit my food waste and maybe get a worm bin!
  11. Make recipes from cookbooks I already own and haven't used much.  

I wish everyone a healthy  and happy New Year!
Eat Good!


  1. This sounds a really doable list. I wish you all the best in 2011!

  2. Thanks libby I wish you the same! Happy New Year!



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