Monday, December 20, 2010

Healthy Holiday Dessert Ideas!

The holidays are usually a time to indulge and I think it's ok to treat yourself  but the after effects of  all those slices of  pecan pie are not always worth it.  Here's some dessert ideas that I think would  be perfect for a holiday celebration that are not too naughty.   I made sure to include vegan and gluten-free options for those readers who need them. 
  1. Pecan- Cranberry Tart
  2. Wonton Fruit Cups
  3. Vegan Rustic Pear Tart
  4. Chocolate Orange Truffles (gluten-free, vegan)
  5. Gluten-Free Cinnamon Sugar Teacake
  6. Banana, Coconut, and Cashew Tart (vegan)
  7. Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes With Mocha Sauce
Happy Holiday Eating!!

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