Saturday, January 15, 2011

A nice cold day to wear my new knitted scarf!

I really like how my scarf came out! I'm pretty new to knitting I learned last year.   My sister bought me this pretty yarn for my birthday!  
Today I went to visit  The Museum of Art and Design to check out the Global Africa Project and Eat Drink and Design exhibition.  It was so cold that I had to stop and get some green tea and warm up before going in.  I'll post some pic of the exhibition later but now its time to relax.


  1. Beautiful pic! Beautiful scarf!

  2. Lovely scarf. You did a nice job!

  3. Thanks guys, I really want to make a arm warmer next. I got a really nice pattern for it but I would have to learn how to use 4 double pointed needles, scary!!!

  4. Good job...Beautiful scarf! Can't wait to see pics of the exhibition, too!



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