Monday, January 17, 2011

Snapea Crisps! My New Favorite Snack.

I must admit I snack a lot.  I'm trying to cut down because I need to cut my calorie in take.   I really like this Snapea Crisps.  It's very tasty, has a nice texture and a light crunch.  I try to control my portion size by eating out of a small bowl instead of eating directly from the bag. That dangerous!
The main ingredients are Green Peas, Corn oil, Rice, Salt.  Snapea  Crisps  website says "This product contains 17% vegetable protein and 8% fiber that comes mostly from the skins of the peas.   Snapea Crisps contain an abundance of vitamins, irons, and calcium.  Snapea Crisps Delivers the peas's natural nutrients in their entirety." That sounds good to me.  
Have you tried Snapea Crisps (original or caesar) and if so what do you think?  


  1. Hey Robyn, Try Whole foods Market, I think Trader Joes sell them too. Health food type grocery stores. When you try them let me know what you think. I been having to stop myself from eating the whole bag at once!



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