Monday, February 21, 2011

Oatmeal for Breakfast

I'm so happy a got to wake up late today.   I'm having a quick breakfast this morning so I can go to the supermarket.  I need to pick up some food staples like eggs and milk.   I'm eating instant oatmeal for breakfast.  I keep a stash of instant oatmeal in my cupboard for days like this.  This one is from Kashi, I added the goji berries.  

 I couldn't believe when I opened the window curtains this morning that it snowed last night. Wow strange weather. 

 Today I'm going to bake bread using liquid levain and make more yogurt.  I got some levain from a friend of mine at the ceramic studio.   She has maintained this levain for about 4 years and she gave me some of it so I could start my own.   I'm really excited.   I have some experience making bread with my own levain in the past.   It's a commitment you have to feed it regularly and make bread regularly but it's worth the work.  I loss mine a few years ago because I got too busy to feed it everyday, so I just use it up and didn't make anymore.   My friend told me that she keeps her levain in the frig and feeds it every four days.  Well that better,  I think I can handle that.   I'll post some pictures of my progress with the levain.   I'm off to the market.    


  1. Looks yummy! My son eats oatmeal at least 5 days out of the week.

  2. wow that great, It so good for you too, most kids hate oatmeal. I used to eat oatmeal everyday for one year and I got so sick of it I couldn't even look at it, so now I really try to eat different cereals and porridges weekly.



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