Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rising of an Ancient Craft: Black Art and Craft Movement.

In celebration of Black History Month,  I'm participating in EAOC a collective blogging event.   EAOC is  collective of artists of color who sell on Etsy.  I want to share some history of black potters in America.
Last summer I read this book Carolina Clay by Leonard Todd.  This book was about a slave potter name Dave.  Before reading this book I never thought about slaves working in pottery factories.   What was unique about Dave's story was that he signed his pottery work and would write simple poems on them.  This was unheard of because slaves was not aloud to read or write.  Dave was also special because he could throw very large pots (larger than twenty gallons).     Leonard Todd was a decendent of Dave's slave owner and wrote this book to tell Dave's story.   

There's even a children's book about Dave's life.

EAOC Members participating in this blogging event:

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