Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Check out my new Kitchen Gadgets

I caught a really good sale at Macys and I couldn't resist buying these items.

  1. OXO Stainless Steel  11" Whisk
  2. Mezzaluna from Martha Stewart Collection
  3. Non-Skid Acacia Wood Cutting Board from Martha Stewart Collection


  1. What fun, that cutting board is gorgeous! It should be set out somewhere, just to admire!

  2. I could happily use that cutting board. Mine is a piece of junk that keeps falling apart. Yours is much prettier.

  3. Oh, I'm drooling over here. I'm in such need of a cutting board. I've been looking, but haven't found exactly what I'd like. Let me know how you're enjoying yours.

  4. A wooden board is so awesome for your knives! It really makes them sing. And work better. ha Great finds!

  5. I love the wood cutting board!

  6. Thanks, I haven't used the cutting board yet but I plan to make rosemary sourdough bread this weekend. Rosemary will be the first thing I chop!



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