Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet Potato Pizza

Never heard of sweet potato pizza?? I haven't either but I got the idea from a focaccia bread recipe I saw on Martha  

First I made my dough.  I followed Martha Stewart's caramelized sweet potato focaccia bread recipe

I added:
  • Saute onions and shallots.
  • Boiled and sliced sweet potatoes.
  • Large black olives sliced.
  • Tomato sauce.
  • Fresh mozeralla cheese.   

The flavor and texture of this pizza looked and tasted amazing.  I had to do a quick google search  to see if a just invented a new style of pizza!!.  To my surprise sweet potato pizza is very very common! I learn something new everyday.

Here's a list of sweet potato pizza recipes I will be adding to my "Dishes To Make" Bookmark.

Mediterranean Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Pizza With Onion and Rosemary

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