Monday, May 2, 2011

Soul Daddy Wins!

I've been following America Next Great Restaurant since the first episode.  This food show was a great concept and I enjoyed watching it.  I had hopes for Sinners and Saints, Harvest Sol and Soul Daddy.  I also loved Spice Coast and Joey of the Brooklyn Meatball Company too.  Last night Soul Daddy was announced the winner!!   Soul Daddy will have a restaurant in NYC which I can't wait to support.  It opened today in the South Street Seaport.   I  couldn't wait to check out the menu online to plan what I'm going to order.   I was surprised that he was not serving any fried chicken.   I like that he has healthier options like baked chicken.   I would have loved to treat myself to a piece fried chicken because I don't make this for myself,  I hope they change that soon.  When I think of soul food I do think of fried chicken.   Fried chicken is definitely a food you don't eat everyday but is fun to have really good piece of fried chicken every once in a while.   I love my moms fried chicken.  Growing up she would make fried chicken seasoned with black pepper and paprika for bus trips, picnics, traveling and sometimes on the weekends.

Back to Soul Daddy's Menu:

I'm interested in tasting the Black-Eye Pea Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Cheese Grits and I guess I will get the baked chicken.  I'm really disappointed that there's no fried chicken on the menu and no desserts either.  He also has cornbread waffles and whole wheat biscuits.   I'm curious to what's in the vegetarian plate, maybe just sides?  

I want Soul Daddy to be a great success.  I hope through time the menu could develop more.  I will try to go there this weekend so I hope to do a show and tell.


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