Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Potato Pancakes

What can you make with a couple of small yukon gold potatoes, half an onion, one small clove of garlic and ten minutes.  Potato Pancakes!   I don't use any recipe, I just kind of wing it.  I also added like a tablespoon of flour to hold the grated mix together.  I seasoned the mix with sea salt, black pepper and my favorite spices tumeric and smoked paprika.  I threw in a few leaves from my thyme plant (which is doing well).  Shaped then cooked the pancakes in coconut oil.  Let brown and serve! yum 

The handmade plate is one that I made about 8 years.  It's cool to see how my style has change over the years.  I still love it.   I want to make some more of the purple glaze.   It's really pretty with the blue in this photo.

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