Monday, February 28, 2011

Homemade Sourdough Bread #2

This bread is actually the third batch of bread using liquid levain.  The second batch didn't turn out so good.  It was
  1. Too Sour
  2. Took way to long to rise
  3. Not that pretty!
So I'm pretending that bread never existed.

This batch turned out great, except I forget to score the bread before baking.  Very important step.  I realize that now.  The bread made it own score by the way at the bottom.  It opened itself to let the air out. Very smart bread!!     

I added a soaker to this bread of four grains
  1.  Teff
  2.  Quinoa
  3.  Millet 
  4.  Amaranth

To make the soaker you just soak the grains overnight and add it to your bread mix.

I also used more levain this time in my recipe which I think accounts for these lovely large holes.
I added one cup and half levain to about 4 cups flour.  I added water as needed.  I used maybe one and a half cup.  The dough should look sort of wet and shiny.

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