Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wheel Thrown Teapots

These stoneware teapots are in the kiln as I write this.  I'm very excited to see how they turn out.  I really  like making teapot.  Teapots are challenging you have to throw all the parts separate the

  1. lid 
  2. spout 
  3. handle
  4. body
The real hard part is to create a teapot form that works well together.  I hope the teapots pours water well and the lids are ok.  In the glaze kiln firing lids can stick and the spout can twist a little.  I'll be sure to post images once their out of the kiln.

I have been filling up my etsy shop with lots of ceramic work so if you haven't visited in a while now is a good time.  I wish so much I could work on clay full time.  I have so many ideas for things I would like to make.  I feel overwhelmed at times.    I have to calm down and  remember to be thankful that I have the opportunity to work with this wonderful medium as much as I do!  

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